• Research

    Our specialized team in applied research and development works in collaboration with research centers in order to present solutions to the field problems.

    NOVIBIO is always commited to offer high quality products by using latest technologies in research, production and field-testing.

  • Field studies

    NOVIBIO products were tested in different field conditions in order to validate its efficiency. NOVIBIO uses high quality production and manipulation techniques providing homogeneity and efficiency to its products.

  • Quality control

    Products at NOVIBIO passes through several Quality Control tests before being released for sale.

    NOVIBIO quality control staff uses high technology equipment to validate the quality of the final product.

  • R&D Mission

    NOVIBIO is committed to find solutions to the animal health industry through its applied research, tests and collaboration with different research centers worldwide. High performance products are the number one priority for NOVIBIO R&D department.