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  • Toxin Problems In general, mycotoxins cause reductions in feed intake, growth performance, and immune function when levels are relatively low. Producers must be aware that if one toxin is identified in a sample, the chances are high that other toxins are present. Some toxins may not have been identified as of yet, but research on known mycotoxins provides insight into the expected effects in swine and potential methods to reduce those effects. Yet the combination of low levels of mycotoxins with the stresses associated with commercial production situations and/or exposure to disease organisms can produce effects in poultry which are subtle, indirect, and sometimes ill-defined. Since the effects of mycotoxins on poultry are dependant upon the age, physiological state, and nutritional status of the animals at the time of exposure, and since mold growth at various points within the feed production and distribution system can magnify mycotoxin problems, mycotoxicoses can be difficult to diagnose in field situations.


  • Nutritional products

    The nutritional products provide high-quality ingredients and have positive effect on animal's performance.

  • Feed acidification

    Acidifying feed improves availability for digestion, absorption and utilisation of nutrients in the feed by inhibiting microbes. Reduced number of microbes result in thinning of intestinal walls and increased size of villi. It helps animals in better absorption of nutrients.