About Us

NOVIBIO is a leader in nutritional feed additives for farm animals. Its dynamic team is dedicated to offer solutions, new methods and concepts in the animal nutrition field through applied research and development.


What we offer

  • High qualtiy products
  • Great customer service
  • Performance results
  • Worldwide network

Our Mission

NOVIBIO commits to provide the industry with high quality nutritional products maximizing production on farms leading to an increase in animals' performances and a better return on investment.

A team working to provide technical information and applied research results to the industry continually supports NOVIBIO.

We rely on our international network to present innovative products to our customers. We provide our clients worldwide with technical and sales informations. Our scientists provide scientific data and field test in different countries.


What People Say About Us

  • values

    Animal's nutrition...Our concern remains the nutrition of the animals. It reflects clearly on their performances in the field.

    Relationships...Our relationships with customers and researchers around the world are based on mutual trust and integrity.


    Our people...We strongly believe that our people are our best assets. Our research team provide us with best quality products and solutions for the field. Our sales people builds strong customers relationships. We make sure that our people has a suitable friendly work environement at all time.


  • Competencies

    Creating and producing nutritional products for animals is our core competencies. We rely on the market needs and the professionalism of our sales people and researchers around the world.


    Research is our main support. We base our studies on applied field situations in a controlled environement. We test our products through other companies in the field.


    Professionalism is our reputation. We value the professionals and work professionally with suppliers, clients and researchers for the best interest of the consumer. Our professionalism gives more credibility to our products and tests done around the world. Our success and our continuity is based on it.